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Built to accelerate the spiritual movements of CCCI, this site gives “signposts” to a range of tools, resources and websites developed by the Global LDHR team of CCCI and used within our ministry movements. If you are involved on Christian mission (or even if you're not), they are provided free of charge for you to use and adapt to your context*.


Staff Development Cycle

Three conversations to transform your team's effectiveness and engagement in mission.
The Staff Development Cycle toolkit will help you to maximize and focus the conversations you are probably already having with your team members in order to structure their priorities and development.  It could take as little as 5 hours of your year to get the best out of your staff and see them thrive.

Leader Transitions

Selecting the right leaders for the mission and ensuring they can transition well.
Leader Transitions is two separate toolkits-in-one. Tools and resources for selecting the right leader in an open and fair way and the tools and resources needed to ensure the selected leader transitions well and is equipped for their new role.

People Pathways

Matching career paths with leadership needs.
People Pathways links together another two resource toolkits: A Leadership Pipeline Process that ensures a continual flow of leaders to meet leadership needs and a Career pathway map to help individuals chart the course of their “career” within the organisation.

Leadership and Training:

Leadership Framework

What leaders need to be and do.
The Leadership Framework resources help leaders Integrate a growing heart for the Lord and others with thinking skills and influence skills so they experience greater faith, growth and fruitfulness for reaching the nations for Christ.

Team Leader Training

Essential preparation for new team leaders.
Team Leader Training offers interactive, hands-on training sessions for spiritual and strategic leadership, growth in self-awareness, and the ability to lead a team, addressing a leader’s new relationships, new work, new influence, and new capacity leading to greater life change, competency and team fruitfulness.

New Staff Training

Mentoring-based Bible-based teaching and ministry opportunities.
New Staff Training prepares leaders with heart and movement building components using different learning styles, adult learning principles, and creative, relevant, attractive methods that do not depend on a training “center” or education venue! This training can work for a few new staff or volunteers at any time in an informal, one-on-one, or small group context.

Video Channel:


‘LDHR Global’ Youtube Channel:
Recorded Webinars, the legendary LDHR toolman and other carefully selected video resources to equip you for an LDHR role.

360 Degree Feedback tool

Global 360

The Global 360 is a feedback tool designed to help you develop by receiving feedback from your supervisor, peers and team as well as your own observations. It provides a medium for self-reflection by asking others what they observe about you. The review information is owned by the individual being reviewed and is designed to be used for their development.

Helpful Documents, Tools and Position Papers:

Bringing Clarity to Calling
A position paper on the nature of calling to Christian Mission.
Evalu8 LDHR
An 8-step process for evaluating your LDHR function.
Evalu8 lite
A quicker way to evaluate your LDHR function.
Foundations of Member Care
Based on the work of Kelly O’Donnell, this outlines the framework and assumptions of Member Care within our organisation.
LDHR Framework
Based originally on David Ulrich’s work, this the context and starting point of how we define Leadership Development and HR.
Saira’s Journey
A story for “people specialists” and other leaders wanting to think through how they walk with and support their team.

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*Not to be used for commercial purposes.  If resources are used and made available to others, please credit the authors - CCCI Global LDHR.  If you develop ideas and tools from our materials, please get in touch and let us know:  resources@LDHR.org

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